Opinion: Would you let your kids be on a bus whose driver hates them?


I saw the report on this site, that says multiple bus drivers who drive ‘our kids’ are members of Rise Up Ocean County.

The report says drivers know ‘everything going on’ in each home. Which home has a daycare, babysitting… etc.

This scares me: Most of all things on the list, for the simple reason that this is someone who is out to get us who is driving our kids. Our most precious possession is in the hands of a Jew-hater!

Would you go on an airplane knowing the pilot hates EVERYONE on the plane? Would you entrust your kids lives with someone who hates anyone wearing a yarmulka?

I don’t & I don’t believe anyone does – they just don’t think about it or deny it.

I do not have any idea or eitzah how to get around this other than using only Frum drivers or extremely ‘vetted’ ones.

I am voicing this as an open letter to the community if anyone has an idea or eitzah – please share it.

Shmuel, D.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of GreaterLakewood.

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  1. I had a rental property in Lakewood. Being that it was in a charedi neighborhood I wanted to assure the tenant would be appropriate. I was approached by a school bus driver. I assumed that someone driving our children daily was vetted. As such, I rented her the unit. A while later, her son set the house on fire! Upon entering I was shocked to find furniture spray painted with swastikas! I immediately called the school and bus company. I was not given the feeling that much was going to be done and never received follow up information. Bottom line, our children are our responsibility! If, we collectively are concerned we should Insist on vetted drivers.

  2. Funny, how the commenters on RUOC are up in arms about how this letter stereotypes members of RUOC, when the very same commenters have no issue with stereotyping Orthodox Jews.

  3. To the author:

    Just because a person is a member or “follows” a particular page on social media doesn’t mean they agree with anything on the page and they might simply be educating themselves. It’s even possible they are in complete opposition of the page.

    To Greater Lakewood: This seems more like a random social media rant then a professionally written article.


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