Update- Catskills Hatzolah letter: Woodstock + Shabbos Nachamu + Visiting day = Traffic Nightmare


Update: Catskills Hatzolah released the following.

Thinking about going to the Catskills this weekend? Think again.

Woodstock is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a massive 4-day festival from Thursday-Sunday.

The festival will take place in Bethel, NY and will bring a huge amount of traffic to Route 17 and 17b. Of course, there is construction on route 17 as well.

Additionally, Shabbos Nachamu brings many people to the Catskills, Topping it off is visiting day Sunday.

Due to the heavy traffic burden, camp Rayim canceled visiting day saying in a letter ‘after much deliberations & discussions, we have decided that in the best of our parents and campers to cancel visiting day this Sunday.’

The bottom line is: If you are gonna make the trip, have some good food, lots of music & plenty of patience.

Additionally, sources tell GL the main Woodstock event is Friday – Sunday with Thursday being the ‘pre-game’. Perhaps consider leaving Tonight or tomorrow.

Safe trip!


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