UPDATED – When Klal Yisroel unites, records are made: Over 120K comments submitted against proposed Yeshiva regulations


GL has been extensively reporting on NYS proposals which would regulate what Yeshivas must teach and for how long.

To persuade the Board of Regents to reject the proposed regulations, Agudath Israel of America and PEARLS have spearheaded a joint campaign to raise awareness about what is at stake and the consequences if the regulations, as is, are approved.

The campaign included submitting comments on the matter.

That campaign seems to have hit a record.

Yochanan Donn, a journalist for Hamodia, Yated & mishpcha said “The 60-day window to comment on draconian regulations on yeshivas proposed by NYSEDNews was just over. The Torah world submitted a record setting (for a state rule) 121,274 comments by people representing 215,759 students! This with a total of 400k in private schools in NY!”

He broke down the numbers as follows:
PearlsNY (85,947 comments), Agudah (19,570), Torah Umesorah (10,543), Rabbi Churba (3,860) & The Flatbush JCC (433).

Donn adds ‘So what’s next? The Board of Regents has to read each and every one of the comments (I expect to have close to 200k including other private schools) and then take a vote, probably at their monthly November meeting. Hard to see them subverting democracy by going against 200k ppl.’


Last week the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva called on the public to submit comments on the matter sating it is not only a NY issue but a national issue.

A few days ago Over 200 Rabbis write to Chancellor Rosa Proposed NYS Education Department Regulations are “Untenable and Unnecessary.”

In an unprecedented move, Rav Elya Brudny discussed the ‘Un-American’ NYS education regulations with the Yated.

Earlier in the month, nearly 250 Prominent Mental Health Professionals Oppose the Proposed Regulations.


  1. This is beautiful. My daughter does not have a school for tomorrow. No interviews lined up or any leads. The callousness and attitude of the half dozen schools we’ve attempted is sickening. There will be an accounting one day.

  2. Yochonon Donn is no longer a Journalist for Hamodia, only Mishpacha and Yated. Just a minor correction to this otherwise beautiful story.


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