Weather Forecast for Taanis Esther & Purim


On Wednesday, Taanis Esther, the temperature is expected to reach the low 50’s, with nice clear skies, and no rain.

On Thursday, Purim, the temperature is again expected to reach the low 50’s, but with cloudy skies and rain.

Reb Avigdor Miller zt”l said regarding rain days: “Avraham and Sarah toiled to see the kindliness of Hashem in all of nature. And that’s what we must do as well. A mother can bestow lifelong happiness by saying, “Look, Chanala, it’s raining, isn’t that fun?!” Chanala has no previous prejudices against rain. She therefore agrees. And thereafter, all throughout her life, the rain will bring her pleasure. [But if the mother says, “The rain has spoiled our day,” then whenever the rain comes, the child will view it with dissatisfaction because her subconscious mind harks back to the pattern which was stamped on her malleable mentality.]”


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