1. This is an intelligent man who more than any bias newscaster oŕ pundit has allowed me to see why Trump has a following among many CEO’s and why he may win again. It’s not in my DNA to ignore Trumps hyperbolic rhetoric no matter who it offends, his sense of entitlement that clearly shows in his rude and offensive behaviors. I hope that even if his policies were making me richer at the expense of the downtrodden and poor, I would still not want him representing our country as President of the United States.

  2. I very rarely say anything about these kind of things but it really amazes me that all the people trying to impeach the president are so filled with bitterness and hatred that they are acting like a bunch of adolescents or spoiled children.
    If they would use their energy for making life better for the American people and
    Start doing the job that WE…
    the American people are paying them to do the we would be much less in debt and use the electoral process to oust trump….if they can pull that off in which I very strongly doubt they can but they would have lot more jingle in their pocket. After all it has been going on since the annogaration of Trump and its almost election time again. Go figure,the democratic has helped no one….well I will take that back,they have helped lots of innocent unborn children make heaven their home by the abortion act ,I guess they have done something. SPEND MONEY AND MURDER. Let’s see ,yea they have been busy and they even got a pay raise for all that. Hard to believe!!!!!

  3. We would be so lucky if Kevin O’Leary became president. We would have all the benefits of a sharp successful business person(far more than our current one) without the immorality and unamerican philosophy/actions of our current one

  4. Safe spaces, politically correct speech and being woke are all excuses and won’t fix stupid! To be the best, one must be bold, confident and brash….plus relentless with a work ethic second to none!
    We are America and we lead, we never apologize and accept 2nd best.
    Put away your participation trophies and jump on the Trump Train or head to Cali and New York to get your free tickets for socialist and communist policies.
    ME, I choose success and exceptionalism.

  5. Cheri, How would you characterize a president who gave African Americans the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT EVER!!!
    By doing this it is making everyone richer. The number of people on food stamps has been drastically reduced. How are his policies hurting the poor and downtrodden??
    Do you mean Like what the democrats have done to Baltimore?


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