Watch: Michael Cohen met Schiff for 10 Hours before hearing | Lied under oath…AGAIN

Ap/Alex Brandon

In an unprecedented move, fox reports Michael Cohen met Adam Schiff, who leads the House oversight committee, four times totaling 10 hours before cohens congressional hearing.

One Republican member of the committee hinted this week that members of his party were distressed by Cohen’s pre-testimony communication with staff for the panel’s Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff. Rep. Mike Turner, the Republican, wrote a public letter to Cohen asking him about any contacts with Schiff’s staff. “Clearly, there will be questions as to whether or not such contacts, if they occurred, constitute witness tampering, obstruction of justice, or collusion, collaboration, and cooperation between the House Democratic majority, their staff, and you,” Turner wrote.

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Additionally, Cohen said under oath, he never discussed nor would he ever accept a pardon from the President. That however seems to contradict information that was disclosed during a private hearing.


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