Watch: Leaving Kids In The Car – It Can Happen (c”v) To Anyone


After the story circulated about the girl who was r”l niftar after being left in a car, hateful, vile, Anti-Semitic people came out in droves.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s page has over 700 nasty comments – probably a historic high. RUOC, as well as other platforms, have a massive amount of comments – all with one main theme: Jews don’t take care of their Kids. ‘They have so many – who cares anyway’ and the like.

On a side note: GreaterLakewood Spoke with the Ocean County Prosecutors office requesting they censor hateful, sick comments. The office started explaining hate speech is legal but GL quickly reminded them of the NJ Attorney General’s letter to Facebook recently condemning Hate speech (Yes, Legal Hate Speech). They promised to censor comments by 5 PM…

Stories like these are tragic. They are literally the worst thing in the world. They happen to people of all races, and socioeconomic levels. It has occurred to Doctors, CEO’s, Lawyers, Government officials, Unemployed people and everyone between. The media, however, pounces on these stories – and even worse generally blames parents in an effort to gain ratings.

Below is a very scary video – be advised. It explores the tragedy of children dying of heatstroke in cars and what parents endure.

You can hear audio from a therapist explaining why this occurs and why signs alerting people may not help.

Listen HERE

One idea online is – Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat and when the child is placed in the seat, put the animal in the front with the driver. Or place your purse, briefcase or cell phone in the back seat as a reminder that you have your child in the car.


  1. Excellent article. Heart goes out – this is so true. People blame and blame. Misunderstandings are not crimes. Marriages fall apart all the time due to misunderstandings. Business deals fall apart due to misunderstandings. War happened due to misunderstandings! This is tragic but is a result of an innocent misunderstanding.

  2. Unreal. Many of us have a horror story we try to forget. As a therapist I am all too familiar with horror stories. Most of them are mistakes. Simple genuine mistakes. But they have terrible results.
    The thing is, in this instance no one has more pain than the parents. They loved their precious beautiful child. To think that anyone or any authority cares more about their child than the parents, is utterly pathetic.
    My condolences to the family – wishing you the best in this tough time.

  3. I hope there is a massive fund raiser for this person’s defense. I would love to contribute. The family has suffered enough. The only effective way to combat the sickening hate on social media is through love, and having our community rally to the family’s defense.

  4. ADMIN: obviously we won’t post the comment.
    But, how can you write it ‘appears’ and then shame someone for something you don’t know? If you really care, email us and we’ll explain all the FACTS.

  5. I am puzzled why the OC prosecutors office needed prodding to remove antisimetic commenylts and actually defended them.

  6. Admin: Buddy, we said already if you legit have a question, email us. Apparently you’re a ‘high class’ spammer or hater.


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