WATCH – Har Habayis: Firebomb causes police to seal it off, will reopen tomorrow


Update 3 PM: At the end of a special assessment of the situation held Tuesday evening by the commander of the Jerusalem District Police, Major General Doron Yedid, the District Commander instructed that the Temple Mount be opened tomorrow morning for worshipers and visitors.

Police sealed off the Temple Mount holy site in Jerusalem on Tuesday after a firebomb was thrown at officers, leading to several arrests and low-level clashes.

The incident came amid already high tensions at the site and threatened to set the region alight as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned of “serious repercussions.”

One officer was treated for mild smoke inhalation after the firebomb attack on a police post situated on the edge of the sensitive holy site, according to police.

Police quickly deployed across the hilltop compound, scuffling with worshipers in the area as they searched for the assailants. In one video, police were seen wrestling a woman to the ground.

Ten suspects were arrested and an investigation into the incident was ongoing, police said.


Following the attack, police closed the entrances to the volatile holy site and removed all those already on the Temple Mount, which has seen several confrontations between Israeli security forces and Muslim worshipers in recent weeks.

Police said they found flammable materials, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails during a search of the Temple Mount after it was closed.

The Damascus Gate entrance of the Old City of Jerusalem was also closed and police were dispatched throughout the Old City and East Jerusalem “to prevent and respond to any attempt to disturb public order in response to the serious incident,” police said in a statement.


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