WATCH: F-35 stealth fighter jets conduct a flyover at White House at 70 mph!


The display of F-35 planes is part of Polish President Andrzej Duda’s official visit, the White House said, and a demonstration of the country’s newest fighter jets, which Poland is set to purchase.

“We’re going to have two super F-35s flying at a great rate of speed,” President Donald Trump said at the White House.

“They’re going to put on a very small show for us but it’s going to be something.”

In the end they flew over at about 70 MPH – an extremely rare phenomenon for such a powerful jet.

The fly-over was in response to Poland President’s request to purchase a number of F35 jets.


  1. Likely the STOVL version of this plane. The engines can tilt 9o degrees and it has a special propulsion system that creates downward thrust and allows it to take off vertically like a helicopter.


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