WATCH: Britain’s chief rabbi says Anti-Semitic today close to Holocaust levels


Rabbi Jonathan Saks the Chief Rabbi of Britain spoke out against anti-Semitism.

“Try to imagine 400,000 Hindus or Sikhs imprisoned within ghetto walls in the middle of London,” Sacks said. “Imagine people passing those walls every day, knowing that behind them, thousands were dying or being sent to their deaths, and no one said a word. How did it happen?”

“It happened because, in the 19th century, in the heart of emancipated Europe, antisemitism, once dismissed as a primitive prejudice of the Middle Ages, was reborn,” R’ Sacks continued.

‘Earlier today, I spoke in a @UKHouseofLords debate on worldwide #antisemitism. Here is a video of my remarks in which I argued that a society, or a political party, that tolerates antisemitism or any form of hate, has forfeited all moral credibility’ he wrote on Twitter.



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