WATCH: 10,000 Gazan’s protest at border, IDF using live fire

AP Photo/Adel Hana

17 protesters were injured, Gaza’s health ministry said on Friday, as thousands of protesters gathered on the Gaza border.

The protest, the 49th weekly chapter of the March of Return, was officially called ‘Bab al-Rahma,’ referring to heightened tensions between Israeli and Islamic authorities on the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

GreaterLakewood had a shocking report revealing Gazan kids get paid $8 to be injured at these weekly protests.

“Friday is a message to our people in Jerusalem that we support and help them in the face of occupation,” Khaled Abu Hilal, leader of the Gaza-based Palestinian Freedom Movement, said.

Islamic Jihad leader Ahmad al-Maddal told Jerusalemites through Palestinian media: “your battle is our battle and your blood is our blood, and your fate is our fate. We will not put down our weapons as long as Jerusalem is occupied.”


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