Warren on the rise: Seattle rally draws 15,000 people

Photo: Vox

Bloomberg reports, Elizabeth Warren drew the largest crowd of her presidential campaign Sunday in Seattle, as an estimated 15,000 people turned out to support what she calls a movement for change.

When touting her wealth tax of 2 cents on every dollar of assets above $50 million, Warren drew chants of “2 cents! 2 cents!” The loudest applause came when she called for overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling that lifted campaign finance restrictions.

Warren, who is running on a platform of economic populism with proposals such as the wealth tax and more regulation, comes in second behind Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden in many polls.

She took an implicit jab at her rival when asked by an attendee how she plans to defeat Donald Trump without sinking to his level.

“We’re not gonna win this by just saying ‘not Trump,’” Warren said at the International Fountain Park. “It’s not enough to be not Trump.”

Earlier today GL reported that a new poll shows Warren and Sanders tied for #1, barely ahead of Biden.


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