Wanted: Man threw 2 kittens out of moving car in Toms River/Lakewood border


 Police are looking for a person who threw two kittens from a moving car resulting in the death of one and the disappearance of the other – reports the Asbury Park Press.

The incident took place at the intersection of Route 70 and Massachusetts Avenue.

The incident occurred on Shabbos – when Orthodox Jews don’t drive.

Recently Toms River police arrested a person for driving -with intent – into a family of geese in a parking lot.

2 weeks ago a couple in NJ shot and killed geese in their backyard – they were charged.

Of course, it is Tzar Baalei Chaim to hurt an Animal – a Torah commandment (Maybe D’rabanan but the Gemorah leans D’ioraysa). Anyone who injures or harms an animal – any animal – is going against the Torah and the law.

A few weeks ago a Woman who reportedly worked at Blinds to go on Ceder Bridge Avenue, reported seeing Jewish people scaring and harming Geese. Lakewood police and the NJ Fish and Wildlife Conservation investigated but after examining the geese, they all appeared fine. No fines were issued and the story was never confirmed – but the media pounced on it.


  1. There is only one group of people in Ocean County whom it’s ok to demonize without a shred of evidence…


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