Updates: The US Total Cases Reach 65,800, 935 Deaths, NY & NJ States Have Most Cases


Information published here is current as of 8:35 pm, Wednesday.

There are at least 65,800 cases of the novel coronavirus including 10,941 new cases in the United States.

At least 941 people have died in the US.

In the US there are 1,111 patients in serious or critical condition.

There have already been 155 deaths reported in the US today due to coronavirus.

New York State has 30,811 reported coronavirus cases and 285 deaths. NY is the state with the most cases. New York City’s total caseload jumped to 17,856, adding 3,000 in just one day.

New Jersey has 4,402 total cases and 62 deaths. The state of New Jersey has the second to most cases.


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