UP & UP: Stocks near all-time high

Matteo Colombo

CNBC reports the next big test for the stock market will be whether the major indexes can break through all-time highs, just a short distance away.

Stocks have rallied on expectations that the Fed should be cutting interest rates in the near future, and that President Donald Trump would stand down from his threat to put tariffs on Mexico, as he did on Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 are both up more about 5% in June. The Dow is up for six-straight days and futures pointed to another big gain Tuesday.

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  1. There is something wrong with the system when the Fed comes out with a horrible jobs report, 75k jobs added when the expected number was 175k, along with a decrease in wages, and the result is that the stock market jumps on the news, because it means the Fed will likely lower interest rates due to a weakening economy.


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