UNITY: Netanyahu and Gantz have two-hour meeting, will talk again tomorrow


Yesterday GL reported that leaders from the predominantly Arab Joint List party voted to recommend Blue and White party chairman Benny Gantz as prime minister. The joint list is essentially 4 parties in one. But almost immediately after, Balad, a small ‘extreme’ group in the joint list withdrew their recommendation, and President Rivlin approved their withdrawal.

That left Netanyahu with 55 nominations (Likud 31, Shas 9, UTJ 8, Yemina 7) and Gantz with 54 (B&W 33, Arabs 10 (WO/Balad), Labor 6, Democratic Camp 5).

With Lieberman still out of talks, Netanyahu and Gantz met with President Rivlin for one hour. At that point, Rivlin left and the two leaders continued for another hour, with an agreement to meet again in the morning.

It appears this will boil down to who will be Prime Minister first in a joint colation…


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