UK to fight Anti-Vaxxers via Social Media


Britain’s government is planning to pressure social media companies to do more to fight misinformation on vaccines following a spike in measles cases.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday that while the country had a great record on fighting measles, things were suddenly “going in the wrong direction,” with 230 new measles cases in the first few months of this year.

Johnson says “I’m afraid people have been listening to that superstitious mumbo jumbo on the internet, all that anti-vax stuff and thinking that the MMR vaccine is a bad idea. That’s wrong.”

Health Minister Jo Churchill says the National Health Service and the government need to work with social media companies so “we give people the correct information that they can help keep their children safe.”


  1. If they have the truth on their side, then it’s very simple. Just show us the data. Show us the double blind randomize placebo control trials proving safety. The only way they can win this war is by shutting down opposition.

  2. BSD
    “Derech reshaim y’aveis”… yes, dear fellow Jews – you’ve been bamboozled as I was with my 3 oldest children until I learned from doctors filled with moral integrity also known as yiras Shamayim, some of them not officially shomer Shabbos, yet valued the sanctity of Divinely designed human life & would NEVER harm anyone with vaccines which tamper with the immune & nervous systems & create a chronic inflammatory state that can manifest in a myriad of different ways since everyone is uniquely individual – yet so many of these “effects” are listed in black & white in vaccine documentation from the evil manufacturers themselves. All you need to do is read, assuming our tragically broken chinuch system taught you how to read & understand what you read.

    Every single tzarah in the Jewish world is directly related to the suffocating chinuch system that neglected to encourage children & teachers to ask a lot of questions – that’s why the last couple of generations have produced such heartbreaking sickness, dysfunction, & very short lives.

    The vaccine agenda is just a symbol of self sabotage & ignorance by a generation primed to fear everything BUT the Borai Olam – for if that we’re not true, could we have such rampant & senseless Sinas Chinam? (In general)!

    The Chazon Ish was asked about the polio vaccine to which he responded, “sheiv v’al taaseh, adif” – but the fear frenzy won out again in lock step with those who listen to the challenging “meraglim” in every generation.

    For those who REALLY REALLY REALLY feel & know that Hashm is simply testing us – whether with vaccines, relationships, schools, or moving to EY – might it be that the nisayon is “ein lanu all mee l’hee’sha’ain ella al Avinu she’ba’Shamayim????”

    Trust ONLY Hashm with all your heart & soul (NOT humans who attempt to coerce you to do anything), even if you fell for the vaccine hoax as I originally did – & BH stood STRONG against LOTS of resistance throughout the decades & Hashm ALWAYS cane through for me! I was lambasted by doctors, principals, & loudmouths but was never intimidated by them because I was CLEAR that I was doing Hashm’s will.

    If you do believe the words in our t’FEEL’ot – You’d see that Hashm is the ultimate Master Healer & can heal us all – but that would be contingent upon doing teshuva. Teshuva seems to be impossible for many…admitting that we’ve been negligent is the hardest thing ever – but isn’t it worth it if it means that we’ll all be healed?

  3. If their mission is to spread the safety of vaccines, I expect them to find the safety studies and post them on social media!!! By far, as many times as I requested them, I didn’t get them. The responses varied, from the doctors don’t need to show anything, to I will call the ACS, you are crazy and so on. Anyone that has the placebo studies done on vaccines and the pre-licensing studies and post marketing data that show that vaccinated kids are healthier than the unvaccinated will help the antivax movement from growing. Shutting up people will definitely create more people to look into it, as this epidemic and the way it was dealt with definitely made many people realize that vaccines is not the G-d they want you to believe they are!
    Besides, according to their plans for future vaccines, we wont need the social media to tell us anything about vaccines, as with their awaited schedule, there is no doubt that every single parent will witness their ill effects! Will it be too late?

  4. America makes a major mistake. Americans think that the law is the answer to everything. Guns shooting people? Ban guns! It is the gun culture that is the problem, and that cannot be addressed by laws. Just like our Charedi culture eschews guns, so too could the American culture. But laws banning it would make it worse.

    The same is true with vaccinations. The anti-vaxxer movement is mostly filled with nutjobs and ignorant people. See some of the comments here, with strange visions from Hashem and shoehorning their positions into half sources of Torah based language. But laws that force people to vaccinate won’t help. They won’t get people to change, but social media may.


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