Two New Simcha Halls; Plus Other Approvals Around Lakewood


This past Monday, several significant applications were on the Zoning Board of Adjustment’s monthly agenda, some of which received approval.

(1) KG Investments received an amended Use Variance and final Site Plan approval, to convert the current Accurate Builders office at 742 Ocean Ave, located on a 2.73 acres lot, to a 2 story, approximately 54,000 sq ft office building, plus two Simcha Halls in the basement, totalling 7,267 sq ft, which will be limited to nighttime use only. The parking requirement is 180 spaces. The applicant received a variance for 149 spaces. This lot is in the Open Space and Preservation zone, which allows only single-family detached homes and open public parks on 3 acres or more. The applicant requested a waiver from installing curb and sidewalk, but the board denied this request.

(2) An application was submitted for an Amended Use Variance and Major Subdivision application to construct 22 duplexes as an extension to the up and running Stamford Meadows development off Chestnut St. These lots are in the R-20 zone, allowing only Single Family Detached Housing on 20,000 sq ft lots; the applicant proposed to build 22 duplexes units on as small as 4,900 sq ft lots. Many neighbors were at the board to oppose the application due to the lot size variances and the non-permitted use variance. The applicant decided to withdraw his application. Any new application will require notices sent to the neighbors within 200 ft of the lots. The applicant did not propose to build a shul for this new development, as the Township’s ordinances only require a 5% open space (understood by Lakewood’s standards to mean a shul and playground) on 25 or more lots.

(3) Approval was received to build more duplexes on Grantwood Drive (off James St) where, formally, only single-family units were permitted.

(4) Temple Beth Am Shalom, on Rt 70 and Paco Way, subdivided approximately 6 acres of vacant land from their property so they can now sell it. They stated that they did not yet have any prospective buyers. By ordinance, every subdivision requires the installation of a curb and sidewalk. This applicant requested, and received, a waiver from installing the curb and sidewalk.

(5) Approval was received to change a house on Route 9 near County Line, to a professional office unit. The applicant proposed to install 2 parking spaces, but the board granted an approval provided he installs 4 parking spaces.



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