Trump Says Russia Would ‘Much Rather’ Have Clinton As President


President Trump said Wednesday that Russia would “much rather” have Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. 

“I will tell you this about Russia, if they had anything on me, it would have come out a long time ago, probably a long time before I ran because they would have been much better off,” Trump said during an exclusive interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity. 

“I hope we really get along well with them but they would have been a lot better off with Hillary Clinton as president,” he continued.

“In terms of energy, in terms of oil and gas. Look at what we’re going with the energy, it’s incredible in our country. That’s tremendous competition for Russia. Hillary wouldn’t let you drill: there’d be no oil, there’d be no gas, there’d be no anything to compete.”

“… Russia much rather have Hillary than Donald Trump. I can tell you that right now,” he added.


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