Trump 2020 – The BILLION dollar campaign


President Donald Trump is well on his way to raising the $1 billion his campaign believes it will take for him to win another term in the White House, building a fundraising machine that will prove difficult for Democrats to match.

Trump’s bring-it-on fundraising approach — which will be on display during a stop in Los Angeles on Friday — is a far cry from his stance in 2015, when the billionaire reality TV star and developer launched his first bid for president promising to use his own money to finance his campaign. It’s also an indication of how he has made his political apparatus more professional for Round 2.

For all presidents, incumbency has its advantages. Trump, who formalized his re-election effort the day after he took office, moved especially early to leverage his incumbency for 2020.

As Trump brings in millions, his would-be opponents are scrambling to raise enough money to earn themselves a spot on the primary debate stages. And the Democratic National Committee remains in debt from previous campaigns.


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