Trenton Airport Says There Are No Max 8,9 Planes In Its Fleet


Trenton airport released a statement on Thursday clarifying that none of the banned aircraft are operated by the airlines which use the airport.

“Mercer County has been asked whether the commercial airline operating at Trenton-Mercer Airport utilizes any Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft, which have recently been banned by the Federal Aviation Administration due to mechanical issues.

The commercial carrier at Trenton-Mercer Airport does not have that aircraft in its fleet, and the airport is not directly affected by the federally imposed grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 8,” the statement read.

Trenton–Mercer is the third busiest airport in New Jersey with an average of 236 aircraft operations per day (after Newark’s 1161 per day, Teterboro’s 485 per day and over fourth place’s Atlantic City’s 193 per day) and is the 5th fastest growing airport in the U.S.


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