Toms River’s Rep Andy Kim reflects on Tisha B’av at the Kosel, calls it a ‘powerful experience’


Joining a group of 72 congressmen to Israel, Congressman Andy Kim shared his thoughts about the trip.

“I recently had the powerful experience of standing alongside Democrats and Republicans at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on the night of the ninth of Av and witnessing the prayers of thousands reflecting upon thousands of years of suffering,” Kim said.

Adding “We pledged our continued engagement as Americans to not embroil these challenges in partisanship but instead work together to promote peace and security.”

“It was a personally powerful experience and I would never deny any of my colleagues this important opportunity to be on the ground and listen, even if we disagree about policy. We’ll never come together if we don’t experience it together.”

“Let’s move past the partisan grudges and let members of Congress do the work they were elected by their constituents to do” concluded Kim.


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