TOMS RIVER: Walking to shul Friday night is dangerous & unfair to motorists, The Township can help


Dark streets – It is bad for everyone. Jews feel unsafe walking, and motorists feel scared to drive.

Every Friday night, hundreds of Toms River’s Jewish residents walk to shul. Many times young children come as well.

However, many streets have very poor lighting making the walk dangerous for ‘walkers’ and motorists around them.

Multiple Toms River residents told GL the issue is simply unfair for all – stressing it is an issue that can be easily solved by adding and repairing lights.

Toms River resident Yitzy F. told GL, where he lives ‘there is a half-mile stretch with dozens of lights that are all out” he added that he reached out multiple times to JCP&L but “besides for a ‘confirmation email’ nothing was done.”

Two others told GL, they feel like they’re in a jam ‘people driving get upset since they cannot see us – they are 100% right. But we cannot drive on Shabbos and must walk. We always wear reflectors when walking at night.’

Lakewood Township spends 3/4 of a million dollars upgrading their lights – annually.

APP reports, Toms River Councilman Maurice “Mo” Hill said Toms River plans to conduct an inventory of street lights that will reveal areas that need additional lighting, as well as spots where lights are already installed, but are no longer working.

“Because we have more people walking in the northern sections, we need to increase the lighting out there,” Hill said.

Reportedly township Engineer Robert J. Chankalian Jr. completed a survey of the areas where streets are too dark thanks to the TRJCC who stressed the importance of the issue.

The TRJCC has distributed reflector belts for residents.

NYC recently changed over to LED lights which are brighter, safer, and cheaper to run. Let’s hope Toms River will follow.


  1. Whats wrong with walking on the sidewalk?

    Yes you may have to cross at some point, but then you can wait till a better lit area. Complaining and increasing expenses on the township just increases antisemitism.

    Where lights are out, and you can get JCP&L to fix, that’s a different story.

  2. The real problem is that tomsriver and Jackson don’t have alot of sidewalks, instead of fixing lights install sidewalks


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