TOMS RIVER – 1ST DEGREE LOSER: After losing BADLY, Heather Richards-Barone goes on epic Anti-Semitic rant


After Mo Hill’s win in the Toms River Mayoral Republican primaries, Heather Richards-Barone, an independent candidate for council lashed out at Hill and voters in Toms River.

Heather Richards-Barone came in dead last with under one thousand votes.

“Thank you to all who actually voted,” Barone said. “Not a chance we had against the money Mo Hill had and team from the Orthodox vote and money.  So you got what you voted for, goodbye Toms River!”

The Toms River Jewish community did not formally endorse any candidate.

Heather is on the Ocean County library commission. As a public library, representing ALL people – perhaps it is time for her to resign. She has displayed clearly that she does not represent everyone.


  1. OF COURSE RUOC will ignore this one as it doesn’t fit the agenda – after all they supported her! The true colors always shine through!


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