UPDATED- TLS exposes Anti-semitism, Causes 3 Jackson officials to resign


Update: Sheldon Hoffstein just submitted his resignation, becoming the third Jackson Township member to resign.

The Jackson Township planning and zoning boards are at the center of yet another controversy.

A group in Rockland County called CUPON, an acronym for Citizens United (to) Protect/Preserve Our Neighborhoods has had an effect on Ocean county residents.

An unofficial CUPON group met to discuss how to tank a new Jackson project which would bring close to 500 new homes, a shul, mikvah and more – to Jackson.

At the ‘secret meeting’ one planning member said ‘nobody saw us’ another said ‘we’re invisible’. They allegedly discussed ways to stop the Jackson trails project.

The Ocean County Freeholders have been working on plans to upgrade the water and sewer systems, which would allow more building, which these hateful Jackson politicians don’t want.

Following the bombshell report with audio obtained by our friends at TLS, Mayor Michael Reina confirmed the resignations of two Jackson officials. Planning board member Richard Egan and zoning board member Joseph Sullivan.

It is very likely a third member will resign in the coming days.

The Jackson township, which is already under investigation by the Justice department thanks to an Aguda lawsuit, did not yet release a statement on the matter.

In case you were wondering whar RUOC feels about this, they are going wild – take a look:


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