ONLY IF YOU’RE FRUM: The White House to host 70 Jewish Members to discuss “pertinent issues”

Donald Trump with a group of Chabad rabbis at the White House in March. However, new polling suggests three quarters of US (non-frum) Jews dislike him (Official White House photo by Andrea Hanks)

The Trump White House will host more than 70 Jewish community leaders to discuss “pertinent issues” on Tuesday as the Democratic Party faces accusations of anti-Semitism.

American Jewish leaders recently received an invitation to meet with key White House officials for a “discussion” “pertinent issues impacting the community.”

A White House official confirmed to The Daily Caller that the event would be taking place. “On Tuesday, April 16, the White House will host more than 70 Jewish non-profit leaders, business leaders, and rabbis to meet with senior administration officials. This is part of our ongoing and regular engagement with community and business leaders,” the official said.

Reports say only Orthodox Jews are invited to attend. Conservative and reform are not invited since they ‘work with the liberals against the Trump agenda.’

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  1. That’s an old pic? Will litvaks be allowed in? Or only Chabad? Not Niturei Karta cause they are also against the Trump agenda…

    • Yes it’s an old Pic, that’s why we left a caption explaining the photo – not to confuse anyone! The meeting did not yet take place.


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