The Power Of Challah: Ocean County Women Unite To Bake Challah


About 140 Women from across Ocean County, united to bake Challah in an unprecedented event Tuesday night.

The event was held at the Ramada Inn in Toms River and was full to capacity. Organizers tell GreaterLakewood, they had to shut down registration early due to filling up so quickly.

The event was organized by OneOceanCounty, founded by Toms River resident Tova Hershkowitz.

Tova told GreaterLakewood that the mission of OneOceanCounty is “an initiative to bring people together face-to-face, to have people unite and come together as ocean county residents – just to have more togetherness and less division.”

Referring to the Challa baking event, Tova called it “a huge success, everyone was thrilled, the feedback was phenomenal.”

Those thoughts were echoed by Toms River Ward 3 Councilwoman Laurie Huryk who posted on Facebook, “What a wonderful event bringing people together, supporting kindness in our community!”

Their website advertised the event as follows:

“It’s no secret that our communities need a dose of kindness and neighborly warmth. And as women from across every denomination of Ocean County, we’re coming together to model respect and harmony.

We’ll be kneading Challah bread together and meeting women from our area in this inclusive evening to set an example of sisterly togetherness.

Come show the world that we #kneadkindness in an event of fun, entertainment and camaraderie.”


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