Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Installs Pavement Lights to Protect “Smartphone Zombies”

Photo credit: Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality installed the country’s first LED light strips at a pedestrian crossing in an attempt to protect pedestrians who walk while glued to their phone.

Strips of LEDs connected to existing traffic lights have been installed at the pavement edge and change colors at the same time as their eye-level counterparts.

The floor lighting is designed to warn texting pedestrians, who walk without paying attention to their surroundings as they are focused on their smartphones.

The distracted “Smartphone Zombies” or “Smombies” are a worldwide phenomenon and similar devices and warning signs have been installed in Europe, Singapore and Australia over the past few years.    

The LED lights located on either side of the intersection of Ibn Gabirol and David Bloch Street, opposite the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, are currently part of a trial and will be expanded throughout the city if deemed a success.


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