Sukkos Weather For The Greater Lakewood Area

Credit: Eliyah Alperin

First night (Sunday night) : 55 degrees – no rain

First day (Monday): 74 degrees, mostly sunny

Second night (Monday night): 46 degrees – no rain

Second day (Tuesday) 64 degrees – partly cloudy

First night chol H’amoed (Tuesday night): 49 degrees – partly cloudy

First day chol H’amoed (Wednesday): 65 degrees – RAIN

Second night chol H’amoed (Wednesday night): 45 degrees – cloudy

Second day chol H’amoed (Thursday): 59 degrees – sunny & windy

Third night chol H’amoed (Thursday): 40 degrees – clear

Third day chol H’amoed (Friday): 60 degrees – sunny

For better accuracy, we will update the weather for the rest of Sukkos at a later date.


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