Submitted: While I love Trump, his budget is terrible for Lakewood overall


I am an Orthodox Jew who is a loyal and fierce Trump supporter. The President has been better to Jews than any other president in history.

From Rubashkin to Israel and everything between, Trump is simply a staunch supporter of the Jewish people in general.

I would suggest over 95% of Orthodox Jews support Trump – the other 5% are like the people who use MeWe over Facebook 🙂

However, the President’s budget agenda would really hit the Lakewood community hard. I mean as Trump would say “Harder than they have ever been hit before.”

As is, the President capped property tax deductions at $10K meaning for those who utilize when filing taxes – you can only deduct up tp 10K of your property taxes. Many homeowners in the GreaterLakewood area are paying far over 10K.

But this new budget agenda targets HEAP which is subsidized heating – which many BMG families in particular, as well as others, utilize.

It targets Foodstamps, welfare, and limits Medicaid – which a really large percentage of Lakewood is on. Stats show about 30% of Lakewood is on food stamps. Newark is significantly higher.

I know some other Trump fans will say this is the best! Trump wants to get everyone off all programs…In fact, Ocean county saw a 12.4% decrease in Foodstamps – or NJ SNAP in 2018 -But let’s be honest and real for a minute.

Granted the budget will likely fall on its face – but these proposals are terrible for our community.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of GreaterLakewood.

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  1. President Trump never said he wants to cut food stamps. He just wants you to also get a job in order to be eligible for food stamps. If you’re able-bodied but you refuse to work, why should the rest of us subsidized you? Makes so much sense.

    • Exactly! If you are employed and don’t make enough money, you do not lose anything so this won’t effect most people in Lakewood.
      Also, If you can prove that you are studying in college (BMG qualifies as one) especially if that may give you a greater chance to self support yourself in the future -as many obtain a BTL and use that for higher education- then I’m sure there will be an exception for that. Thirdly, If you are a kollel member or give a shiur and receive a kollel/paycheck that is counted as income as well.
      This law would effect “sit at home and do nothing even if I can do something, because the government is paying for everything” people.
      Most people in Lakewood are not in that category.

  2. Is BMG a college or a University?
    In reality, it doesn’t make a darn difference as they are both not in the spirit of Torah.
    For gelt, it helps the Board of directors, but should we sacrifice Torah for shtusim?

  3. About the tax deduction.
    According to, there are 565/566 counties in NJ and State property tax average is $8689.85.

    Below are the average tax bills in 2018, as well as where they rate on the total list of counties, for each county that is most relevant to this discussion.

    403. Lakewood $6453.95
    341. Jackson $7292.43
    435. Toms River $6139.18
    302. Howell $7715.85
    416. Brick $6306.52

    This means that the average NJ and Lakewood area resident will not be effected by this law.
    By the way, Lakewood and Jackson taxes rose just 2.01 and 1.83 which are 319 and 536 on the list.

    A $500k assessed property in Ocean County is due $10,050 in taxes.
    If you buy or build a house that assesses from $500k-$1.2 Million, then I hope you can afford not deducting the extra $1-15k from your income taxes which will cost you somewhere between $20-$250/mo. based on a 20% income tax rate.
    If you can afford to live in and pay for a $1.2 million house and lease a $60k car then this is pocket change for you, and if you can’t afford it then lease a Toyota Camry (Nebach) and don’t whine about it.
    This is a very smart and reasonable “luxury tax” on the wealthy and consider as well that the average U.S. property tax bill is only about $2300.

    I did my research, please do yours before you write a publicly posted Op-Ed.

    Keep America and Lakewood great!

    • LKWDGUY Do you know anyone in Lakewood, not in a senior community, who is paying $6,453.95 in taxes or less? The numbers are skewed due to a massive amount of Senior Communities who pay lower taxes.

      The removal of SALT tax deductions was a massive mistake. Those deductions have been in place since the start of Federal Income tax. Removing them was a “show of force” by Republicans that gave the appearance of being punitive to high tax Dem States.

      It cost the Republicans Congressional Seats in NJ, NY, and CA

  4. Buddy, I appreciate your research and whatever you quickly googled.
    However, you are apparently not a homeowner.
    Anyone buying a new house single family home or duplex, is paying over 10K on taxes. I don’t care what stats you pull. Perhaps Coventry and smaller jokes average it out. But that’s the fact.
    New construction is assessed as selling price…

    If you’re going to criticize, do more than an easy google.

    So yes, the average person buying or living in a single family home in lakewood – is affected.
    Additionally thousands of families in foodstamps and welfare.

    • Of course I used google! What’s wrong with doing quick and easy research using google? If the information is accurate, I don’t understand why it makes a difference.

      You’re right, I am not a homeowner and if I was, I would care more. That’s why you care, ok.
      I rent because I can’t afford a home of my own. I do shop in stores though and I wouldn’t have a problem if sales tax was raised a little. This law would be similar to that, so do I have an opinion now?

      As I indicated, if you can’t afford another $100/mo. If you live in even a $750k home, then buy a home for less than that. It’s not that easy, I know, especially with all the pressure to keep up with the Goldbergs.

      Even a new construction home worth a million dollars will cost the homeowner about $150 more/mo. That’s not much of a difference on a $4000+ mortgage payment, is it?

      Again, if you can’t afford another $150/mo. then you can’t afford a million dollar home.
      Most people don’t factor in all the costs when they purchase a new home. It doesn’t take a genius or a homeowner to know that unfortunately a lot of people in town, if not most, are living beyond their means.

      About the government benefits, I know thousands are on these programs including myself. I explained why it wouldn’t effect even people learning full time in Yeshiva.
      Also, not being able to deduct taxes will not effect eligibility to programs as well. You’re income is based on Gross not Net.

      Obviously, you’re not looking for number and my posting was for those who were.
      I guess you wanted some sympathy.
      I’m sorry that I misunderstood you the first time.

  5. I’m also looking for sympathy.
    My income taxes are too high, I make too much to qualify for any programs, and what I do make does not cover my expenses.
    Trump’s tax cuts did help me, Thank you President Trump!

  6. The problem is, our community tries to have it both ways. We talk conservative and condemn “entitlement programs”, but then when the programs are actually cut by conservatives we back, we scream bloody murder. That’s because many in our community are on programs too. Yes, we know, our people on programs are not lazy like those other people on programs, blah blah blah. But bottom line is we talk the talk but we can’t walk the walk.

  7. @Lkwdguy
    So you’re living off our paychecks and telling us that we are living beyond our means. I get it.

    The point is that basic google research (which you probably just learned how to do at the library recently) is not relevant to the Hamon am just like if you googled when you had a stomach ache you’d probably find that you most likely have stage 4 cancer R”L. The average guy in Lakewood (who pays for your food stamps) is paying way over $10k property taxes that’s a fact. Finally all the author is saying is we should at least be able to deduct it from our taxes as has been done for many years. Obviously we’re not discussing the extra every month as that’s part of our mortgage payment and yes we did take the into cheshbon when we bought our homes.

  8. Sorry Mr. Lakewood guy,
    The many Lakewood families with 6-11 children paying tuition, daycamp, chasunos & support can’t afford another $150 a month in taxes. It’s preposterous to compare the income of a higher middle class frum family to the rest of society.
    Not to mention the rising local taxes.
    One day (hopefully) you’ll be a little further along in life & you’ll understand the difference.

  9. LakwdGUY

    I beg to differ, many / most people in lakewood have bought homes for less than 500k yet from year to year they assess the home higher and higher so their taxes have gone up by 4K or even 5k

    Property taxes are way too high in NJ… they waste it on garbage….

    We still support TRUMP!! He has been very good to America and to the Jews

    • That’s a fair point. I agree that it isn’t fair for those people because they couldnt have avoided it and are not living extravagantly.

      • You are mixing 2 separate issues. Removing SALT deductions was wrong. You want to cut taxes, I am good with that, the more the better, but it should not have come at the cost of others, who effectively got a tax increase.

        At the same time, the carried interest loophole, and stock options loophole was left open. The idea was cut corporate tax rates, and close loopholes, well they did half of that.

        They did remove some deductions from SMALL businesses. So small businesses and people living in areas with high local taxes got tax increases in some cases, while others got tax cuts. I support Trump, but I think he relied on others heavily for this tax bill, and it could have been better.

        As far as Government Programs, Socialism is not a Jewish concept, and the bigger the government, the more control the government asserts over peoples lives, which never leads to a good result. Aside for the fact, that taxes are already to high.

        Oh, by the way, President Trump has proposed a budget for 3 years that cut the deficit, and Congress (both sides) have rejected each time and contnue piling on the debt


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