Submitted: Shloime Klein does NOT represent us


FAA is a known name around Lakewood. Shloime Klein, from Lakewood, records township meetings and is a big anti-development supporter and advocate. He does things his own way – which I will not get into – but this time I must speak out.

Days ago at a Jackson Township meeting – remember he is from Lakewood – Klein got up and spoke about Jews and Jewish law in general. He said: He claimed according to Jewish law, we can bribe officials! Yup, you read right!

He said:

“As an Orthodox Jew, The law, and some sages say you can do it, you are allowed to bribe public officials. Including zoning board members, planning board members, and council members. Now, this is very important: If an orthodox Jew sees someone bribing an official, and he goes and reports it – in Siman 388 says that it is a Mitzvah to kill him. You have to kill him. He is a – Mosier that’s what it’s called.”

Klein says “Some developers say this moiser is even if someone gets up in public and speaks against a development. Even without reporting it to a prosecuting agency.”

Adding “that’s the reason why in Lakewood there’s corruption because you have two factors. Religious law you are able to do it and under religious law, if you do it you just get threatened with your life. So it is a recipe for corruption to be able to strive.”

Start from the 1 hour 50-minute mark.

Klein does not represent me or anyone in the Orthodox community. His views are his own and his understanding of Jewish laws and it’s application – are his own – only.

Previously Klein posted negative videos and articles on his FB pages which were then immediately picked up by RUOC.

Again, he does not speak for anyone other than himself.


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