SPONSORED: New Deals site targets the Jewish Community


Hi all. I’m excited to introduce you to the new deal website in town! At DealDashed, our team curates and finds the best deals and price glitches – our own original findings, all day throughout the day.

Some of you reading this may be thinking… how are you different than all the other deal sites out there? What makes you different?


And the answer is threefold…

  • Most of the deals on our site are original, you will not see them anywhere else. (Although, we cannot prevent other sites from re-posting our deals)
  • We prefer quality over quantity, and therefore we will not be posting every price-drop on the internet:)
  • We are an honest deal site and therefore we will only post how much an item’s true original price was. Too many times we find, that the stated original vs. actual price are completely misleading. Meaning, sites will post the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) as the “original” price, even though the item was NEVER sold at that price. They then go on to claim 90% off or 80% off when in reality it is only 30% off. At DealDashed, we are 100% transparent and truthful as to how much of a bargain you’re truly getting.

Welcome to the DealDashed family! Check us out HERE and leave us your feedback!

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