UPDATED: SICK TWEET: ‘maybe Hitler was kinda onto something’ – GL gets involved, Deletes account & apologizes


Final update: Thomas deleted his entire Twitter account. He was exposed, freaked out and deleted it. Right before Thomas C. deleted his account, he messaged GreaterLakewood an apology which we obtained a screenshot of (once an account is deleted all messages disappear with it)

Thomas, if you are reading this, GreaterLakewood would indeed like to speak with you. Contact us HERE.

UPDATE 2:30 AM: After GreaterLakewood replied to Thomas, telling him that Jews do not appreciate Hitler jokes and telling him to expect a knock, his tweet was deleted – within 20 seconds – before GL was able to screenshot our comment.

Calling haters out is the first step. Now, we await an apology.

A hateful man who lives near Lakewood seemed to make a mockery out of the fact Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jews.

Thomas tweeted: People: “Hitler was a terrible man” People that live near Lakewood NJ: “ya know, maybe Hitler was kinda onto something”

He later alluded to the fact he lives near Lakewood but not in it, he tweeted: Live/work/drive near there, it’s gettin rough out here

In case the tweet was not yet deleted, you can view it below:


If it was, you can view the screenshot below.


  1. Everyone is guaranteed the right of freedom of speech, but not one person has a right to freedom of consequences that stem from that speech.


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