SICK: Toms River GOP campaigns on…HATE


The Toms River GOP Released an ad – stating why residents should vote for them.

Instead of reasons such as: ‘bringing people together’, or ‘bridging the gap,’ they state:

‘STOP Lakewood-Style overdevelopment and protect our special quality of life’ – to court all the haters. Its essentially saying ‘ keep the jews out – vote for me’

Of course, no-one wants overdevelopment, but there is a way to say it. Keep lakewood out of it! Or as Scott Gartner said:

At a time where there is so much hate, candidates should focus on bringing people together and run a positive campaign. Negative rhetoric only furthers the divide in our community.

As the Township’s resolution stated “We condemn any use of freedom of speech that will promote hatred, bigotry, and prejudice that will divide our community and the peace and goodwill amongst our residents”


  1. When it’s directed at over-deveploment i actually agree with them, weve all made similiar statements about traffic in lakewood.

    • Of course we agree BUT the article is saying leave Lakewood out of it. It’s intended to rev up the base to hate on lakewood and campaign who is less like Lakewood. Which brings out lots of anti Semitism as proven by rise up.

  2. Is their any truth to the rumor that Bitzur a division of mossad was called and an effort to get them involved to help with RUOC is underway? Supposedly they are operating in NJ on other tasks as well.

  3. Confront Opioid Addiction…. if there was opioid addiction in Lakewood does that mean he is saying “STOP LAKEWOOD DRUG ADDICTS”? Stop causing hate by creating fake news and false interpertations.
    why wouldn’t YOU agree with GOP campaign?

    • Your point is directed to Mr Gartner, read the story again. In defense for him, if you tell someone ‘stop bothering me’ that means he is currently bothering you. A stop sign is on the street where you are driving. It says, stop driving. A bed doesn’t need a stop sign, since you never started driving in your bed. ‘Stop eating cake’ implies you are currently eating cake. If you tell a mechanic ‘stop eating cake’ while he fixes an Amazon Truck on Taanis Esther, you’ve got issues.
      If it’s not clear yet, tell a guy sleeping to stop working.
      Perhaps you need to better understand the language to comment on it.

  4. Beyond disgusting. Jackson had similar issues but this is explicit on their first ad – insane. Hope you guys do something.

  5. No wonder they didn’t say rise up in their resolution, classic politicians. Act PC but true colors come out by elections. Question is what does other Republican candidates say?

  6. It is amazing how arrogant the folks are at RUOC that they don’t even verify information before ridiculing others. The Bitzur an arm of the mossad was reestablished several years ago to combat anti Semitism and terror threats in the diaspora. It specifically states that due to the rise in internet hate the Bitzur was reestablished . But hey hate is the cause of all peoples downfalls.


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