SICK: COO at Gotham Dream Cars accuses Hatzolah of ‘running drugs, diamonds’


The COO at the luxury, exotic car rental experience called Gotham Dream Cars, made anti-Semitic remarks as you can see in the video above.

He accuses Hatzloah – one of the finest organizations in the world – whose thousands of members – all volunteers – give up their time to assist people in need of medical attention, of being sketchy, running a drug or diamond operation.

By the way Rob – Jewish words… is called ‘Hebrew.’

This man is full of hate.

You can contact the owner of this company on twitter – @noahlh Instagram HERE. 

Let GOTHAM DREAM CARS know anti-Semitism won’t be tolerated!

Next time you are in the mood of a nice exotic car – you know who NOT to use.


  1. Rob, runs a YouTube channel. If you watch him long enough(I did, until I realized he’s a sad wanna be). He’s always complaining… also in another suit of some sort.
    A sad jealous individual.


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