SICK BUT AT LEAST IT’S OVER: Read Heather Barone’s library resignation letter, blames Jews instead of herself


GreaterLakewood reported two weeks ago, after Mo Hill’s win in the Toms River Mayoral Republican primaries, Heather Richards-Barone, an independent candidate for council lashed out at Hill and voters in Toms River.

Last week – After her viral anti-semitic rant, Heather resigned from the Toms River Planning Board.

This week GL reported she has resigned from the Library Commission.

Today, at the 4 PM meeting held in the Toms River branch of the Ocean County library, the resignation letter was read.

Of course Heather did not apologize for offending the Jewish population. She apologized for ‘the way I worded my posts and apologize for any problems I caused the Ocean County Library.’

In fact, she alluded to Jews threatening her and her family. A real classic Anti-semite.

Her letter as follows:

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to first and foremost apologize for the way I worded my posts and apologize for any problems I caused the Ocean County Library. While I firmly stand behind the reasons for my posts, I understand and take fully responsibility that there was a better way to convey my disappointment in what I have come to
find out.

I have been personally harassed, stalked, and verbally attacked prior to and during this election process and it is something I have learned to adjust to. However, now after the election, these occurrences have taken a very serious turn to include tactics that put into jeopardy the well-being and safety of my children and for that reason, I must resign, effective immediately, from the Ocean County Library Commission.


  1. So she’s not resigning because she an unapologetic bigot. She’s resigning because *the Jews* threatened her children.


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