SHOCK: Leaked Google doc called Ben Shapiro ‘Nazi Using The Dogwhistles’


An embarrassing new leak shows Google employees discussing disabling features for YouTube creators they describe as ‘Nazis,’ even as the company denied allegations of political bias based on earlier leaked documents.

In an email published on Tuesday by the conservative watchdog Project Veritas, one member of the Google transparency and ethics team, identified only as Liam, tells others that Prager University, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are “Nazis using the dog whistles you mention.”

Ben Shapiro responded by saying:

‘Hey, @SusanWojcicki, would love to discuss this with you. Do you think your employees should be cavalierly labeling those who militantly hate white supremacy “Nazis,” and then shaping algorithms on the basis of such lies?’

Three days ago GL reported on a 30-minute video that was released exposing a Google Plan to Prevent a “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam. The video was removed afterwards from Google-owned Youtube, but is still viewable here.


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