Shipping companies in trouble: ‘Uber Freight’ is picking up steam


Two years ago, Uber has announced its launch of ‘Uber Freight.’ Saying “Uber technology has revolutionized the way people move. Now, we’re doing the same for the freight industry.”

In recent Months Uber has become increasingly popular.

Check it out HERE


  1. This isn’t going to have much of an impact on freight companies. Their already exists sites that have this kind of service, and people who don’t regularly ship, may use it. Most freight is shipped by businesses. Often the loads are quite valuable and time sensitive. They aren’t going to use a random uber driver to deliver it. Additionally, there is already a network out there for quoting freight with carriers that freight brokers use, if this is what Uber has in mind, then they are no different then any other freight broker.

  2. To tree –

    Correct, they aren’t any different. But they have a name – brand name – and will probably have a user friendly app


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