SEE IT – SHOCK: ‘Orthodox Jewish Superstar’ gives Toeva couple free night out


Yes, the headline is true. Meir Kay, the Frum star who is featured in many music videos including “mach a Baracha” released a video in which he gifted a gay ‘couple’ a fun night out in a limo, restaurant, and hotel room – for Valentine’s Day.

See it to believe it!

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  1. Is this the kind of person we want to associate with & be entertained by? Where do you think his form of entertainment originates from?
    We are very much affected by this.

  2. Thank you for having the courage to post. People MUST see who their kids are watching and into.

    If you would just write about it – nothing could happen. People would say you’re extreme. Now that you posted they scream its terrible. Well done.
    Thank you GL

  3. ימח שמו וזכרו
    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

    Are we filing chap.11 on our mission?

  4. I am being Dan Lkaf Zchus that the frum women who owns the Williamsburg Hotel where they ate and got a free VIP room was unaware of the people being gifted these gifts. Her father A”H was a chashuv Brooklyn baal tzedakah.

  5. Why are we listening to these goyish music songs to begin with? Including Lipa, MBD, Avraham Fried, Shwekey, all of them, except for maybe Abish Brodt and a select few?

    • Bum

      . The Prohibition against Sodomy is included in the Seven Universal
      Noahide Laws [as a Capital Offense]:

      Rambam (Maimonides), Mishneh-Torah (MT), Hilchos Melachim 9:5-6,
      derived from the verse Gen. 2:24″Ve’dovak b’ishtoh” (based on
      Babylonian Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 58).

      Q) Does the Torah sanction establishing a legal “right” to commit
      homosexual acts – as a “CIVIL right” or otherwise – in a NON-Jewish

      A) No. See Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchos Melachim (‘Laws of
      Kings’ (or ‘Rulers’)), 9:14, regarding the requirement incumbent on
      all non-Jewish societies to establish a Judicial System to implement
      and enforce the principles of Noahide Law.

      Q) Does the Torah sanction establishing a legal “right” to recognize
      or perform homosexual Marriage – as a “CIVIL right” or otherwise – in
      a NON-Jewish legal-system?

      A) No. See Maimonides ibid. (M.T. Melachim 9:14), and below, regarding
      same-gender “marriage.”

      2. Same-gender “Marriage:”

      A. Talmud Chullin 92a-b;

      B. Beraishis Rabbah (B”R) 26:5 (or26:9, some versions), on Ber. (Gen.)6:2:
      Official recognition of same-gender “marriage” triggered the Mabul (Deluge).

      See peirush (commentary) of Rav Brisman on that B”R (published by his
      grandson, Rav Aron Dov Brisman, now serving in Phil., PA). At that
      point, the judges themselves promoted this abomination. Thus there was
      no hope for repentance. It was at that point that the Creator deemed
      it necessary to destroy the crown of His Creation, human civilization,
      with the exception of Noach and his family.

      Also see Vayikra Rabbah 23:9:

      Rav Huna in name of Rabbi Yossi: The Generation of the Deluge was
      (‘only’) annihilated due to writing (or ‘legalizing’)
      marriage-contracts for (homosexual) male and (lesbian) female unions.

      C. The Prohibition of homosexual “marriage” itself (independent of the
      homosexual act):
      Mechilta …

      4. * The UNIQUENESS of homosexuality AMOUNG to’aivos (other abominated

      See Maharal on Aggados, Chullin 92 (cited in She’arim Metzuyanim
      BaHalacha (of Rav Shlomo Z. Braun) on Chullin 92).

      (This point highlights the flagrant ignorance of self-serving
      lightweights like the New-Age-associated Shmuely Boteach, who
      shamelessly spout their faux-expertise to the broader non-Jewish
      world, perpetrating great Chillul HaShem.)

      5. Le’hach’is (spiteful ):

      To’aiva militants are not merely reshoyim le’tai’avon, but le’hach’is
      – as demonstrated by the multitude of LGBT “PRIDE Parades.” (“Pride”
      denotes Zadon (brazen) – see Rashi Sanhedrin… ) This is further
      proven by the presence of anti-Milah Intactivists in specifically LGBT
      Parades (in over a dozen places since June ’15).

      Rashi, Ha’azinu 32:16;
      See Kovetz Ma’amarim (R” Elchonon Wasserman) re/ “Zera Amalek,” and
      end of parshas Ki-seitzei….

      This spiteful strain is reflected particularly clearly throughout the
      activist LGBT movement, who seek to legitimize their vice, and even
      force it’s recognition on faiths opposed to it..

      This also explains why Hitler’s higher echelons were permeated with
      militant homosexualists.

      (Cf. the ethical work “Madraigas Ho’Odom” by the Mussar Sage known as
      the “Alter of Navardok” (in section “Tikkun Hamiddos,” #3, citing
      Talmud tractate Eiruvin 13), stating that ‘kovod’ (seeking glory/
      honor) is the “tzir” (‘hinge’) of all bad middos (character

      This helps explains the deeper significance of the Pride Parades.

      (The inner sanctum of the LGBT movement apparently understands that by
      promoting pride in Evil, they perpetuate it. They may also understand
      that by growing that evil trait (of taking pride in evil) in people,
      they can most effectively cultivate a culture of retrogrades.)

      6. This is WHY legalization of homosexuality and other forms of
      deviancy leads to an increase in child molestation:
      “Mayim genuvim yimtaku” (Mishlei … ), Tractate Sanhedrin 85a; Sotah…

      As the late Sen. Moynihan himself acknowledged, such measures “define
      deviancy down.”

      7. Homosexuality is fundamentally contrary to the Perfection of Man:
      See Sukka 29a, Maharal Be’er Hagolah 6; (p.26….)…
      Note the kinship between the LGBT ideology, and that of Radical
      Feminism: both reject the reality of the complementary nature of Man
      and Woman.

      See also Nedarim 31a… ” ‘Toaiva’ — To’eh attah boh”

    • Rav Moshe Feinstein public letter where he says we must publicly protest against deviancy even potentially block the streets
      “להודיע לכל העמים שעם ה’ שונא תועבה”

      Unsurprisingly you follow the modus operandi Of your perverted Kinfolk
      & take the most sacred of Concepts and distort them to the antithesis

  6. “שמעתי מהגה”צ הגרא”א דסלר זצ”ל, שבעת השואה האיומה כאשר

    צדיקים וקדושי עליון נחנקו ונהרגו בעינויים קשים יחד עם רבבות מעם

    ישראל שנזרקו לתוך כבשן האש, אז שאלו כולם “איפה אלוקיך ישראל”

    ואיך הקב”ה מיצר כל כך אפילו לצדיקים וקדושי עליון, וביאר אז הגרא”א

    דסלר זצ”ל, שנכון שהיו הרבה צדיקים וחרדים, אבל לא [דאגו לשמירת הדת

    של אחרים ו]לא מחו ברשעים מספיק, ועל זה הקב”ה מאוד בחרון אף

    וכמוש”כ בחטא העגל “ואנכי אסתר אסתיר את פני בעת ההיא”, ובביאור

    תוכן העניין, אמר הרב דסלר זצ”ל, שזהו מידה כנגד מידה, שהקב”ה אומר

    “אתם לא מחיתם ולא התערבתם למחות על החילול ה’, אז גם אני לא

    מתערב למנוע את האויבים מלהרוג בכם”, רח”ל.


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