Scam Alert: IRS Frauds


The IRS is warning taxpayers about scams ahead of the filing deadline that’s just two weeks away.

Scammers may reach out to potential victims through phone calls, voicemails, emails and even text messages.

Experts say that as the filing deadline looms, it’s prime time for tax scams.

This year, the IRS says scammers are even spoofing the phone numbers for its taxpayer advocate service to trick victims into calling back or texting. In some cases, they have asked for dates of birth and other personal information.

To protect yourself, watch out for misspellings, bad grammar and other mistakes in written documentation. For example, the dates didn’t match up in one fake IRS letter.

The IRS and legitimate tax preparers and advocates would never ask for sensitive information by text or email.

It’s also a good idea to get your tax return done as early as possible.

The filing deadline is April 15.


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