Sad: Two giraffes struck by lightning in Florida


A freak accident caused 2 giraffes to die. 16 foot tall Lily and 12-foot tall Jioni were struck by lightning at Lion Country Safari near West Palm Beach in Florida.

Park officials called the odds ‘a billion to one’ and said there were structures in place to protect the animals but they cannot force the animals to utilize them during a storm.

The statement read:

“We are deeply saddened to share the passing of two of our giraffe due to a lightning strike. Lily and Jioni were in the pasture in their habitat when a severe thunderstorm quickly developed 6 weeks ago. Recent pathology results confirm that the giraffe did pass as a result of the lightning and that the manner of their passing was instantaneous.

The giraffe do have access to numerous shelters in the multi-acre habitat, if they choose to use them. The keepers and our whole team were understandably devastated by this sudden and tragic loss; out of respect for their mourning and the pending pathology results, we waited to share this information. We continue to mourn our two incredibly lovely and charismatic giraffe; they will both be sorely missed.”


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