RUOC Gets Support from extreme group that calls Twitter & Facebook ‘Zionist supremacist’


A group called the New Jersey European Heritage Association – an extreme group – put up posters in Toms River in support of Rise Up Ocean County.

A statement from the group read “NJEHA activists distributed and posted flyers in Toms River NJ in support of Rise Up Ocean County. These brave Patriots are being targeted for repression by the Zionist supremacist social media monopolies Twitter and Facebook. The Goldman Sachs puppet Governor of NJ and his foreign-born Attorney General are persecuting this group for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights. Rise Up Ocean County has a right to organize!”

This European Heritage Association group says in their bio ‘The NJEHA man takes matters into his own hands. The NJEHA man is not one to complain or whine, but is one to act, perform his duties, and carry out his will.’

Additionally, ‘The NJEHA believes that we must wrest political, economic and social control away from the hostile elite who have usurped power in America. We believe that when our people are presented with the facts and a plan of action, peaceful political change is possible.’

On their site, they put out vicious anti-semitic videos with lots of false information about Judaism.


  1. I’m sorry I am the first to call out RUOC for being antisemitic but this is propaganda on GLs part and bad journalism. You fail to mention that RUOC denounced this group right away and have nothing to do with it. The failure to mention that means you are trying to present a false picture of this news story. Shame, there is enough criticism to go around for RUOC that you dont have to resort to propaganda.

      • You’re missing the point. If there is legit blame to go at RUOC ,I’m all for that and stick to that. Not the fake news and propaganda stories. They claimed to have nothing to do with this group and denounced it immediately when they heard about it. At least that should be mentioned in the article. go after them for the legit items not this fake news propaganda as it weakens the case against them and looks like a hit job.

        • It’s not fake news propaganda, it doesn’t say RUOC endorsed them. It says NJEHA supports RUOC which is true. There isn’t much that NJEHA supports that can’t be found in the comments on RUOC (often upvoted by RUOC mods)

          • Again missing the point. If an extremist group whichever it would be, unsolicited says Greater Lakewood is an amazing site everyone support Greater Lakewood and tweets out a link, I’m sure greater Lakewood would come out and say hey we are not affiliated with these extremists. And I’m sure if they have an article written about it they would want the writer to write that GL claims to not be affiliated with this group. It’s the same thing, all I’m saying is if you write an article about the support RUOC got from this nazi group, at least mention in the article that it was unsolicited support that was declined and condemned by RUOC. By leaving that out you are misleading and that makes this propaganda. RUOC and their faults which they have plenty doesnt change this. This is basic journalism.


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