Rockland county measles outbreak is over


Officials in Rockland County declared Wednesday that its measles outbreak is over.

The measles outbreak concentrated in New York City was declared over roughly three weeks ago – meaning an emergency order mandating vaccines will be lifted.

GL reported roughly 50 articles pertaining to the measles. From a Queens yeshiva being closed down, three more Yeshivas being closed down, Rockland County requesting President Trump’s help in the ‘measles battle,’ to the Anti-Vaxxer event in Monsey which had Buses come from Lakewood, and the Aguda statement against it (GL confirmed at the time, gedolim on the Aguda did not approve of the statement).

Additionally, GL featured articles where readers submitted questions to a panel of anti-vaxxers, as well as opinion pieces.


  1. Thank you to GL for all those posts!
    Perfect time for the outbreak to be over, after the removal of the religious exemptions.
    Curious what new shots are awaiting and what the epidemic will be this year, definitely something that is not mandatory yet, and the makers want more sales….that is the be all and end all.
    This is not scientist, this is not health, this is great for the Economy . period! End of sentence!


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