Rise Up Ocean County wants people to report ‘rented pools’


It is illegal to rent a pool. It is legal to give out your pool to friends – even not such good friends.

Rise Up Ocean County alerted its fans about 6 weeks ago to report people whose pools are rented. Today they sent a new reminder.

GL was informed of many instances where authorities were called to a house that had family and friends over swimming. Obviously, it is something hard/impossible to prove as you need to see people coming into a pool giving the homeowner cash…

Below is from RUOC:


  1. Home businesses are generally allowed. If I rent my pool that does not change it’s use. If I advertise public pool use and allow all individuals to come, that makes it a commercial use.

    The highest court in NJ has ruled like that in similar situations. This is nothing more that RUOC continuing its harassment campaign.

    • Actually, im not sure if you are right. Isn’t it more similar to renting your residential basement out as an office, which I dont think is actually legal unless you are zoned for it? You can have your own office for for home use or have a home business but I dont think you can rent it out. What is the actual law?

  2. Please send me money for magnets, I promise to deliver this time. Unlike last time where I cashed checks and stole the money

    • Very good point…
      Btw, this is pure harrassment.
      Their rational for reporting pools is because “it’s disgusting”!
      What’s disgusting??

      These guys are disgusting, and pure evil, no rational person there.

  3. Instead of all the presumptions, why not actually do some investigative reporting and find out for certain what the law is from the Ocean County Health department. All this back and forth, he said/ she said crap needs to stop. The only way it will is with facts!

  4. The best counteroffensive: וְכַאֲשֶׁר֙ יְעַנּ֣וּ אֹת֔וֹ כֵּ֥ן יִרְבֶּ֖ה וְכֵ֣ן יִפְרֹ֑ץ וַיָּקֻ֕צוּ מִפְּנֵ֖י בְּנֵ֥י יִשְׂרָאֵֽל׃

  5. I’m SURE that’s what the slogan ‘if you see something say something’ is referring to. Those evil pool renters. Ew how gross to rent your pool. It’s neck and neck with Islam bombing thousands at a marathon and teenagers shooting up tens in a school. Ew gross!

  6. You guys just dont get it. The main issue RUOC and their 13k followers have is this Brooklyn Mentality that was brought to Lakewood in the past 20 years of, “we do what we want no matter the legality and dont tell me what to do or ill call you an antisemite” also we dont care about the repercussions it has on our surrounding neighbors and communities. Bottom line is there are rules for a reason and quality of life to some may be different to others that’s why there are rules. While you may not have an issue if a busload of yeshiva kids pull up to your block in a bus with kids screaming making noise etc others who bought homes on quiet blocks do care. The idea is, there are rules to follow, this straw man comparison of well Aribnb is also illegal so stop complaining about illegal pools is a joke and a complete straw man side track. Bottom line follow the rules and respect other people who were living in these neighborhoods for years peacefully and quietly or go back to Brooklyn. It’s that simple. And if your argument is renting pools is legal, then you are ignorant of the laws as it is illegal to rent your pool in residential area unless you are zoned commercial.

    • Joe H,

      Do you feel that RUOC is not anti semitic? If so, why did they ban me for the crime of offering a dissenting view in a coherent manner?

      • That’s a very complicated question. Like asking if there are any Jews who are racist. Well there are a lot of Jews and I’m sure you can find some racists doesnt mean every Jew is a racist. RUOC is comprised of 8 Admins including 1 frum one and 13k followers. I’m sure mixed in there there are definitely some antisemites and they expose themselves online all the time. That doesnt mean all 13k who follow and agree with what RUOC goals are, is an antisemite. There are real legitimate concerns and issues with Lakewood and surrounding towns Including a lot of corruption that gets swept under the rug under the guise of religion. That doesnt mean everyone from Lakewood is bad and not everyone from RUOC is an antisemite
        The problem is when you throw the baby out with bathwater or shoot the messenger and do nothing to address the issues, the issues fester and get worse. Yes there are antisemites involved with RUOC but I believe their core mission is an honest 1 and has some good causes. It’s a shame that antisemites latched on to the cause to spew hate but that doesnt mean that the cause should be shut down and Lakewood go back to business as usual and get worse and worse for all the hard working tax payers, Jewish or otherwise.

        And for those to say hey shut down RUOC and will deal with the concerns internally with these clownish organizations run by the people in power I say to you how stupid do you think people are. You cant police your own as that’s how powerful people corrupt and benefit themselves. There needs to be an outside force to take on all the problems and so far RUOC have been the only ones to step up to the plate, flaws and all.

        • RUOC is all about anti semitisim using real legitimate issues such as overbuilding as a smoke screen.

          Please consider the following:

          1) Why is it that any member of our community that presents a dissenting view in an articulate way is banned from posting on the group? Wouldn’t an honest discussion help overcome fear and mistrust?

          2) The vast majority of the orthodox Jewish community is infuriated by the rampant overdevelopment. Had this been the focus of RUOC, they would have had many allies in our community. Instead, they post about the laws of nidda, Purim, shiluach hakan etc. These posts are rife with disinformation. The only reason I can think of why post these things is to stir up hatred for Jews.

          3) Why the need for the closed group? What are they trying to hide?

          4) Why is it that any alleged corruption of an Orthodox Jew on RUOC immediately garners hundreds of nasty comments yet any corruption by a local non Jewish elected official is hardly given a second glance?

          5) Often RUOC comments that Lakewood is very dirty. I don’t believe that Lakewood is any more dirty than the surrounding towns. Just old anti Semitic stereotypes at work.

          6) RUOC has mentioned in its trailer as well as in various posts that over 50% of Lakewood children are on welfare, the institution is that these are orthodox children. This is intentionally misleading. Lakewood has a large immigrant Hispanic community as well. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 63% of non citizen households are on welfare.

          The above points lead me to believe that there is really only one goal of this group. To stir up as much hatred and anti semitisim as possible. They use a legitimate issue such as the overloading of the local infrastructure and make it an “us against them” issue. I urge you not to fall victim to their false pretenses of “we are not anti Semitic, just against the overbuilding “.

  7. Why does it bother anyone if someone else rents out their pool?? If that person stands to face insurance issues, that would be his own problem. The only reason I can think of is HATE.

    I’m glad that I’m not so consumed with hatred that it would cause me to spend my days spying on my neighbors hoping for some infraction to report. What a life…

    • Again. You dont understand other peoples quality of life issues, you likely are from Brooklyn or somewhere else in NYC where everyone lives on top of each other but do their own things. In rural and suburban towns like Tom’s river and Jackson people saved up to their whole lives to buy beautiful houses on quiet cul de sacs In order to have a quiet peaceful life for them and their family and cars and busses pulling in all day dropping off and kids to swim takes away from that quality of life. Just because you dont understand it doesnt mean others have to suffer. The law is clear, a pool is not to be rented to the public in a residential area. Why cant you just follow the rules? Why is it always only something you understand and relate to that you follow? If we all only followed the laws we agreed to and understood it would be a lawless society. And if you do disagree with a law there are ways to change it. But to disregard the law and then call the people trying to enforce the law haters and antisemites is sad and just shows the pathetic mentality of some.

      • Joe H.

        I actually grew up and have lived my entire life in central New Jersey.

        I agree, everyone should follow all the rules and applicable laws. I am only questioning the intentions of those that feel the need to snoop around their neighbors looking for minor infractions to report to the police. I can understand not wanting busloads of screaming children coming down your block, but if someone was to rent their pool to a family, would you have an issue with that? By the way, which law is it that states “a pool is not to be rented to the public in a residential area”. I’ve seen insurance issues cited but nothing to do with residential areas.


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