Update 11 a.m: GreaterLakewood spoke with Childcare Inspectors who confirmed the law in New Jersey regarding babysitting, and childcare is as follows.

A Childcare center with 5 Kids or under does not require a license. 6 or more does, regardless of age. The ratio of staff to kids is as follows:

  • 0-18 Months, 1:4
  • 18-30 months, 1:5
  • 30 months till 4 (not including 4), 1:10
  • 4-5 years, 1:12

There are many rules and regulations. Click here to view all 102 pages

Update 9 a.m.: Per our sources, the vaad rumor going around is untrue. Yesterday DYFS went to 4 playgroups (not 15) They told 2 of them they have things they need to fix and sent the kids home early. Two others were allowed to remain open but need to make changes in the future…

No one was closed down indefinitely.

“reliable sources tell us the VAAD rumors are false and today should be a regular day.”

We requested confirmation, last night, from the vaad which would have made thousands of lives calmer, but they have yet to respond directly. But again, reliable sources tell us these rumors are false and today should be a regular day.

Update: rise up just posted the WhatsApp message going around the community warning people what to do….

As indicated here, multiple times, there are מתיונים וערב רב sharing info with them. They share WhatsApp messages and are on multiple popular groups…

Of course they passed the WhatsApp message – to state authorities…

The infamous hate group, Rise Up Ocean County, has been going after everything ‘Jewish’. We compiled a list – it may seem long but in essence, it is short since there is much more.

The group recently encouraged people to go around looking for day care centers. According to a post on their site, they have a list of about 170 homes. Their agenda is to find any violations, fire or other, with the intent of passing on their findings to the state – which now has the complete list.

Of course, Rise up members claim these daycare centers are illegal and they allege tax and income fraud.

Note: The photo of the playgroup in the house above, was closed down yesterday… We cannot elaborate – המבין יבין. 

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  1. It is imperative that we increase our Torah learning and concentrate in davening on the words vzaydim byad oskei Torahsaicah!

    May the moserim and moster’s receive their exacting punishment from the dayan emes bkorov mamash.

  2. How about they look at all the multiple families of illegals living in one house and all the illegals from out of district coming to Lakewood public school

  3. There are many ways to look at this…the most important must be to realize we are in galus and we must act like it…we need to realize what galus means for us.
    Vhameivin yavin!
    The maserim who are forwarding posts to various locations the Dan haemes should be Dan them very quickly and without rachmanus.

  4. As frustrating and embarrassing as this whole deal is, it doesn’t seem like a meaningful number of the issues that are being raised are factually incorrect.
    That’s not something to disregard. And while the moisrim are shameful miscreants, their behavior does not negate the fact that these day cares and playgroups need to be run properly and up to the various codes – for a whole host of reasons.

  5. I guess if we NEED new bigger stores and bigger everything else then I guess we need big beautiful play group centers with assistants for every 5 children and all . Oh well there went all the money we thought we saved at those stores
    Maybe Seudas Achashveirosh is coming home to roost!

  6. There is no longer a DYFS in NJ. The department is known as the Child Protection and Permanency agency (CP&P) which is a division of the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

  7. There is not any other news site that is reporting this for a reason. Please remove the post and stop feeding them information.

  8. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it is happening Rosh Chodesh Adar. What are we supposed to learn from this?

  9. According to the law, one may have under six children, and the children who live at that property are not included in the limit. Very important. Read it in the attached file


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