Report: U.S. To Leave 1,000 Troops In Syria


Despite recent promises from President Trump that the U.S. will withdraw all its troops from Syria, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that the U.S. military is reportedly making plans to keep almost 1,000 troops in the war-torn country.

The report cited U.S. officials who said the Trump administration plans to continue supporting Kurdish fighters in Syria.

The U.S. will start withdrawing hundreds of troops after it defeats the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to the Journal.

Since December, President Trump has repeatedly claimed that ISIS has been fully defeated in the region.

“You kept hearing it was 90 percent, 92 percent, the caliphate in Syria. Now it’s 100 percent, we just took over,” Trump said during remarks to troops last month. “Now it’s 100 percent, we just took over 100 percent caliphate. That means the area of the land. We just have 100 percent.”

The Trump administration then said last month that it was planning to leave about 400 U.S. troops in Syria.



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