Report: Trump to request $8.6B for wall in budget


President Trump reportedly intends to request $8.6 billion for his long-promised wall along the border with Mexico when he submits his 2020 congressional budget on Monday.

Reuters reported that the president will submit his request to Congress based on a 2017 plan crafted by Customs and Border Protection that called for 722 miles of barriers to be built or replaced along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The funding for the wall would pull $5 billion from the Department of Homeland Security budget, plus $3.6 billion for the military construction budget at the Pentagon, according to the news service. The budget proposal would include a separate $3.6 million in military construction to help fund projects affected by the wall.

In addition to wall funding, Trump’s proposal calls for the hiring of an additional 2,800 law enforcement and other personnel to reinforce the border, and 100 immigration judge teams, Reuters reported.


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