INSIDE SCOOP: LSTA to take over Lakewood’s busing – next week


A few weeks ago, GL reported that the Lakewood school district will be receiving $36 million in state aid from the School District Relief account in the form of a loan.

This loan will be repaid over 10 years in annual payments of $3.6 million beginning the 2020/21 school year.

There were two significant issues though, with the main one being busing.

The LSTA – a quasi-government organization which took care of busing – and courtesy busing, is no longer in existence thanks to Governor Murphy who cut it from the budget.

Kids within 2 miles from school (2.5 for high school) are not eligible for funding and need to carpool or walk. Previously the LSTA arranged courtesy busing at a minimal cost without LTSA this becomes a real issue.

The State allocates money to school districts based on the number of children enrolled in Public school. While the state only covers the Public school students they require the school districts to fund busing for both private and public schools. In Lakewood, roughly 85% of children are in private school while only receiving funding for 15% of the children.

GL reported, “the township did receive a loan, so it should not be complex for the LSTA to rename itself and to continue it’s work – with funds from the loan.”

First, the School district pushed the busing responsibility to the Township, but they quickly declined to take on the responsibility – which is not theirs.

Now, The Lakewood school district has been accepting bids from companies looking to ‘run’ Lakewood’s busing.

As of now, no one put in a bid, but GL learned the LSTA will do so next week. They will be the only bidder and will resume their busing responsibilities.

As of now, R’ Krawiec will resume his role leading the LSTA.


  1. This sounds foolish to me. How does GL know that LSTA will be the only bidder? Maybe Jays or another busing provider will put in a bid in order to directly lock in the right for busing?

    • Jays considered bidding, but did not. (We had that on our WhatsApp status yesterday)
      GL has a track record of being accurate roughly 100% of the time.
      Time will prove it – again.

  2. Just another excuse for the thieves to Grift off the top of tax payer township money for salaries and who knows what else. Lakewood is such a mess I dont think theres any way to fix other then the Feda coming in..let’s hope

  3. How is a loan gonna help, next year we’ll be in an even bigger mess because we will have $38 million of bussing costs plus $3.6 million of payback. It seems that GL does not understand how loans work, because if it did, it wouldn’t sound so thrilled about the state funding.
    If you think about it, it’s actually taxpayer funded, because our taxes will mostly probably be raised in order to cover the loan payments over the next ten years.

  4. Meanwhile im stuck in toms river: if anyone has any lead on a driver available, for pay, to bring students to and from school please lmk!!

  5. Big whoop! The LSTA are not such tzadikim like they are portrayed in the frum media. Their routes are horrendous and they do not send out bills or have any clue who owes them what. If you ever call to see if you owe them money, they have a very hard time trying to find out. Plus, they charge a tiny amount for courtesy busing, but they charge $1,000 for a Jackson kid who will not receive aid in lieu due to age – even though they are not causing a new stop and will be part of a large stop.


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