Report: Iranian & Hezbollah Command Center Located At Golan Border


Forces commanded by Hezbollah and Iran are located on the Golan border facing Israel, according to a report by These forces are used as sources of tactical information by Iranian officials.

After about eight years of involvement in the Syrian civil war, Hezbollah began returning home, putting Lebanon at the top of its priorities, and receiving a boost in forces, according to

Most of the Hezbollah fighters, who were worn down after years of fighting in Syria, asked to return home, but their Iranian backers refused to permit them. Hezbollah was forced to threaten some of their own fighters, telling them if they did not agree to fight in Syria, they would be fired from the organization.

Therefore, Hezbollah, together with the Iranians, decided to establish a brigade of fighters from the Shiite fighters who came from Hezbollah, the Iraqi al-Hashd al-Shaabi, Afghani forces and Shiite villagers from north Syria within the framework of Division 5 which is situated in the Jezreel Valley north-east of the southern Syrian capital Daraa, according to These fighters will remain in Syria as Hezbollah begins bringing back some forces to Lebanon.

Iranian and Hezbollah commanders were also in the Jezreel Valley in southern Syria. Recently, the 112th brigade was sent, by Iranian command, to Division 5 in order to capture the Golan border across from Israel, after the 61st brigade, which had captured the border area, was defeated by rebel and ISIS fighters.

The 112th brigade, together with the 90th brigade, captured the entire length of the Golan border with Israel and are used as eyes and ears for the Iranian High Command under the leadership of General Qasem Soleimani, and bring him tactical intelligence about what’s happening on the border in Israel, reported

A Lebanese news site, Aya News, reported that Division 5 contains a brigade of Shiite fighters loyal to Iran and the command of the whole division is in the hands of Hezbollah and not under Syrian control as it always was.

The Iranians legitimized their presence in Syria by having the foreign Shiite fighters wear Syrian Army uniforms and carry Syrian IDs.

Hezbollah was commanded not to leave Syria since doing so would damage Iran’s interests in controlling Damascus and southern Syria which face the Israeli Golan Heights, according to


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