Remember when illegal was illegal? NJ bill may allow Illegals to get drivers licenses


Hey, why not! New Jersey lawmakers are getting ready to offer more ‘assistance’ to illegals. First New Jersey attorney general Grewal announced last year he was overhauling the state’s policies for working with federal immigration officials and accused Sheriff’s of working too closely with ICE. Now, New Jersey’s Dems want to allow illegals to get drivers licenses – even though legal residents need 6 points of identification…

A study released in 2018 by the ‘New Jersey Policy Perspective’ finds “In total, about 466,000 New Jersey undocumented immigrants are of driving age and would be
eligible for a license. Based on the experience of other states, we estimate that half these eligible New Jerseyans – 233,000 in all – would receive a license within the first three years of implementation,1 a 3.8 percent increase in the total number of licensed drivers in the state. (A higher number would likely apply for a license but not everyone who applies passes the written and road tests and is ultimately licensed.)”

The study also claims ‘Nine New Jersey counties would see 10,000 or more
residents sign up for licenses, while an additional four counties – Atlantic, Camden, Ocean and Somerset – would see between 5,000 and 10,000 sign up.’

New Jersey Governor Murphy has expressed support for the bill.

Read the proposed bill HERE


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